I want my MTV… NOT!

Though the idea of watching music videos on MTV has long since become stuff of legend, the art of the music video is not dead!

Here is a selection of music videos by some of my favorite LA Bands! If you guys dig these, music video posts may become a regular occurrence!

P L a N E T S – Blood Red Sun

For the uninitiated, this music video is a crash course introduction to P L a N E T S and The Darkwoods. I’m not responsible for any P L a N E T S addiction you may incur, but if you need your P L a N E T S fix, their live shows are a must!

Mars and the Massacre – Four Loko Blues

Mars and the Massacre has a great sense of humor and it shines brightly.. err darkly in this video. Beer and zombies. What more do you need?

Paul & The Kir – Ryan

For those of you that are moviephiles, I know you have a favorite actor and in Paul & The Kir’s case, this actor is named Ryan. Which Ryan you say? Watch and see…

Spencer Livingston – Have a Little Faith

Spencer shows us the perils of being too immersed in technology…

Jason Landon Marcus – The Drugs

Drugs are bad MMMkay…